Strategic Plan for Sustainable Practice

Georgia Tech is creating its first long-range plan to guide the Institute’s strategic direction in the business and operational practice of sustainability and to empower the campus community toward sustainable actions. 

Starting in July 2015, the Office of Campus Sustainability brought together subject matter experts on campus to review existing activities and develop goals, strategies, and metrics to inform a long-range plan in the area of campus operations and sustainable practices. In the summer of 2016, an interdisciplinary Cohort of stakeholders finalized a draft plan, the Strategic Plan for Sustainable Practice, currently open for review. 

From March through mid-April, we sought campus and community input to ensure the draft plan is reflective of your vision of a sustainable Georgia Tech. This summer we will be reviewing this feedback and updating the plan, to be released this fall. 

The Strategic Plan for Sustainable Practice will be our roadmap for implementing priorities and establishing sustainability achievements on campus through policies, decisions, and actions from 2017-2027. The Strategic Plan for Sustainable Practice sets inspirational targets and goals within five impact categories, including:

  • Energy and Emissions;
  • Water;
  • Materials Management;
  • Built Environment; and
  • Community & Culture.