At Georgia Tech, it is possible for every student to incorporate sustainability into their education. We offer over 100 courses with an emphasis on sustainability.

The educational aspects of our commitment to environmental sustainability are varied and numerous in nature, and reflect our promise to produce the technological leaders of the future.

Getting credit for getting involved

Beginning in 2016, our students will have the opportunity to focus their time and energy on projects centered around “creating sustainable communities.”

As part of our Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) for the period 2016 – 2021, Georgia Tech introduced Serve-Learn-Sustain. This program will equip students to effectively address sustainability challenges and community-level needs in their professional and civic lives.

Students will work to develop ways to help make communities more livable, sustainable, and prosperous. This could include developing services for the under-served, deploying community renewable energy, supporting a clean water infrastructure, or developing local, state, and federal environmental policy.

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Georgia Tech has 21 endowed chairs and 23 research centers that include a significant sustainability component or focus. Interdisciplinary research centers, corporate partnerships, NSF, and SEED funding all support major sustainability research at Georgia Tech.

We have many highly referenced, green chemistry award-winning researchers, as well as numerous accomplished graduate and undergraduate researchers in the area of environmental sustainability. The collaborative research environment at Georgia Tech invites all members of the campus community to be a part of our culture of innovation.

Research Areas

Georgia Tech also houses numerous research centers dedicated to the development of alternative energy, including:

Center for Innovative Fuel Cell and Battery Technologies (FC/BT)

Center for Organic Photonics and Electronics (COPE)

Georgia Tech Research Institute: Energy and Environment Research

Brook Byers Institute for Sustainable Systems

National Electric Energy Testing Research and Applications Center (NEETRAC)

Strategic Energy Institute (SEI)

University Center for Excellence in Photovoltaics