The Georgia Tech Office of Campus Sustainability and partner offices around campus have created a number of plans over the years to help guide campus management and operations. All of these plans hold sustainability as a key tenet.  

As of 2022, the Georgia Tech Sustainability Plan is the official roadmap for implementing sustainability on campus. This plan and other new planning documents are developed in accordance with the Georgia Tech Strategic Plan: 2020-2030 Vision.

Georgia Tech Sustainability Plan

Georgia Tech Sustainability Plan (2021): Georgia Tech’s strategic roadmap for implementing sustainability for the next 10 years.

Impact Area and Partner Plans


  • Materials Conservation Management Plan (2020): Georgia Tech’s plan for achieving Zero Waste (90% diversion) by 2030. *Some data contained in this plan had to be extrapolated due to travel restrictions early in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Buildings and Land Use

  • Campus Master Plan (2004): A “living” planning and design document for guiding future campus development with heavy emphasis on sustainability. A new campus master plan will be released in 2022.
  • Landscape Master Plan (2011): A plan to make Georgia Tech's campus a "performance landscape".


  • Stormwater Master Plan (2013): A plan focused on using stormwater management as a sustainability goal.
  • Blackwater Study (2013): A feasibility study for installing a decentralized water reclamation and reuse facility to lessen Georgia Tech’s consumption of potable water.


  • Bike Master Plan (2013): Georgia Tech’s plan to become a nationally recognized bike-friendly campus through improving infrastructure and encouraging bicycle use.


Academic Curriculum

  • Serve-Learn-Sustain Quality Enhancement Plan (2015): A plan to equip students with the knowledge and capabilities to effectively address sustainability challenges and inter-related community-level societal needs in their professions and their civic lives.


Track Our Progress

We believe that you must measure to manage. Visit our "Our Progress" page to track how we are moving towards accomplishing the goals in the plans above.