For those who are looking to share their successes and benchmark their progress, check out the Work Green certification. Those seeking formal certification should complete this survey, which takes about 10 minutes to complete. The Office of Campus Sustainability will calculate the results, share with you your certification level, and send you a decal for your office door. Learn more about the certification process here.

There are three levels of certification recognizing commitment to sustainability in the office.

  • Bronze: Less than 50% of Sustainable Practices were implemented.
  • Silver: 50-74% of Sustainable Practices were implemented.
  • Gold: 75 -100% of Sustainable Practices were implemented.
Step 1: Select a Green Champion

 Each participating office will need a representative, called a Green Champion. The Green Champion’s responsibilities include:

  • Inventorying sustainability practices used in the office;
  • Completing the Work Green certification form;
  • Introducing the Work Green program to colleagues;
  • Serving as the main point of contact with the Office of Campus Sustainability; and
  • Encouraging the adoption of new sustainable practices.
Step 2: Report your Sustainable Practices

Report sustainable practices currently used in your office by filling out our online form. All reporting is based on the honor system. Applications are accepted throughout the year;  however offices may only apply once per calendar year.

Step 3: Receive your Certification

The Office of Campus Sustainability will review your application for certification, notify you of the certification level achieved, and provide you with a Work Green door decal to celebrate and showcase your achievement.

Step 4: Inspire, Innovate & Improve

It is our belief that every office on campus can be Gold Certified Work Green. Offices are welcome to apply once in a calendar year. Green Champions, staff, and the Office of Campus Sustainability all play a role in inspiring an office to go green. The resource guide will aid in your efforts.

Step 5: Apply for a Work Green Mini-Grant

Faculty and staff from work spaces at Georgia Tech are eligible to apply for a mini grant up to $500. Learn more here