Hi, everyone! I’m Amanda Schaefer, a second-year chemical engineering student, and I’ll be blogging about the Living Building at Georgia Tech and giving a student’s perspective on the Living Building Challenge and sustainability around campus.

What makes me qualified to do so you may ask? I am passionate about living a sustainable life, so I’m interning in the Office of Campus Sustainability this summer and contributing to their blog. Honestly I’ve only blogged once before, and it wasn’t in English—oh the joys of French class homework—but I hope that I can highlight the many sustainable projects and initiatives at Georgia Tech.

Kermit the Frog once said, “It’s not easy bein’ green,” but it shouldn’t have to be difficult. The Living Building Challenge may sound like this mystical green initiative that does not resonate with the average person, but it’s really a philosophy and advocacy tool to show how everyone can live a sustainable lifestyle. The Living Building Challenge certification program, which recognizes the highest standard in green building construction, not only results in buildings that are better for the environment, but it also changes the way we think about what it means to be green and how we interact with the earth and each other. Georgia Tech already does a lot of the things that the Living Building Challenge calls for, and there are so many awesome ways to get involved in sustainability on campus. But are there ways we could be better? Absolutely! But my goal is to show that sustainable practices really can be for everyone. This blog will demystify the Living Building Challenge, discuss green campus practices, and let the students voice their opinions on sustainability.

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