Georgia Tech has a new Strategic Plan that informs the Institute's priorities for the next 10 years. The plan's overarching vision is to, "be an example of inclusive innovation," and, "create solutions with real human impact." Building on this theme, the plan includes Institute-wide calls to action related to sustainability.

The Lead by Example Focus Area incorporates a holistic concept of sustainability in its aspiration:

To lead and inspire by example by creating a culture of deliberate innovation in all our practices and be an example of efficiency, sustainability, ethics, equity, and inclusion. 

A goal focused on sustainability confirms the importance of Georgia Tech's actions as a model of leadership:

Demonstrate our commitment to sustainability in the development and management of our campus. 

OCS is excited to contribute to the achievement of these goals in partnership with the campus community! Learn more about the vision and other inter-related Focus Areas at 

~ Anne Rogers, Associate Director Office of Campus Sustainability