Our Mission

Sustainability Commitments at Tech 

Outlined in the new Institute Strategic Plan, Georgia Tech has made strategic commitments to advance sustainability on campus, in the region and globe, and in society. These include:  

  • Connect Globally: Lead and contribute to global collaborative efforts that advance the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals through our education, research, and service.  

  • Lead by Example: Demonstrate our commitment to sustainability in the development and management of our campus.  

  • Amplify Impact: Be an anchor institution, partner, and catalyst of sustainable development in our city and our state.   

In addition, since 2008 Georgia Tech has committed to pursue Carbon Neutrality by 2050 through the American College & University President’s Climate Commitment (ACUPCC).  

OCS Mission  

Incorporate and empower sustainability practices and thinking into every aspect of campus life.  

OCS is concrete in our alignment and aspirations to meet the intent of the Institute Strategic Plan Vision. OCS’s purpose and approach aligns around the strategic plan overarching themes to exemplify meaningful sustainability leadership in higher education.  

Lead by Example

  • Demonstrate sustainable leadership through every action
  • Create a campus culture across the student and community experience that genuinely meets the sustainability vision
  • Integrate and scale meaningful sustainability actions

Advance Campus as a Living Learning Lab

  • Practice what we teach and research
  • Position Living-Learning-Lab integration solutions
  • Leverage Georgia Tech's own braintrust for expertise

Demonstrate "Anchor Institution" Values

  • Contribute to a better local community, region, and state through sustainability actions
  • Bridge and connect campus community resources to partners, experts, and networks


Role & Engagement Approach  

OCS works across all units of the institute to partner, build awareness, track progress, and align goals. To accomplish its purpose in line with the institute strategic plan goals and themes, OCS’s role is to influence and collaborate with others to do the following:   

  • Advise leadership and set direction of campus sustainability program with input from campus community. 
  • Integrate and scale the campus sustainability goals into the policies, plans, projects, and practices of the Institute. 
  • Engage and empower the campus community through programming for students, faculty, and staff. 
  • Track and report progress against the Institute’s sustainability goals.  
  • Communicate and celebrate Georgia Tech’s sustainability achievements; tell the story of our journey. 

Engagement with the campus community is the primary method to build a sustainable culture and integrate sustainable action into campus practices. OCS implements many programs to build sustainability champions, and provide action-oriented learning and awareness opportunities for students, faculty, and staff.  

Work Priority Areas 

Centered in the institute sustainability goals, OCS works in five portfolios to fulfill its purpose.

work priority areas