Student Hospital Connection and American Medical Student Association make scarves

Georgia Tech students from the Student Hospital Connection (SHC) and the American Medical Student Association (AMSA) came together to orchestrate a sustainable initiative to create handmade scarves and dog toys and donate them to the Atlanta Missions homeless center and the Humane Society. To gather the materials they needed, SHC and AMSA collected garments and textile donations from The Kendeda Building, Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons (CULC), The Student Center Programs Council (SCPC), Educational Services (OMED), and various sororities across the Georgia Tech campus. The Scarf and rope toy-making event had 70 volunteers, crafted 145 scarves, and made 30 dog rope toys. The remaining materials were recycled or donated, to divert materials from landfill waste. Meet some of the students who helped coordinate and lead the scarf and rope toy-making initiative.


Ryan Kann

What is your name? Ryan Kann

What is your major? Biology and ALIS (Spanish)

What was it like working on this project?

Working on this project had a set of unique challenges. As it was a collaboration between two clubs, we had to coordinate times to meet with a much larger group of people, all of whom have busy schedules. We also had to figure out logistical challenges, including the transportation of the donations.


What did you take away or learn from being a part of this project?

From this project, I learned just how much clothing goes to waste on campus. We received hundreds of shirts as donations, most of which being unused shirts from organizations.


What does this project mean to you and what did you enjoy the most?

To me, this project was a great way to help the larger Atlanta community in a tangible way without needing to buy lots of extra materials. All materials we used were donations, so we were able to reduce cost to ourselves as well as being more environmentally conscious. My favorite part of the project was being able to have time to sit down and do a creative activity, which is something I did a lot before college but haven't had the chance to as much recently.

Priyanka Akavaram

What is your name? Priyanka Akavaram

What is your major? Biology

What was it like working on this project?

It felt very fulfilling to work on this project and get help from so many organizations and students on campus with the donations. I know the scarves and the rope toys we make will be put to good use in the shelters we decided to donate them to. I was also able to work with and meet people as well which is always fun!

What did you take away or learn from being a part of this project?

Something I learned from this project was sustainability and coordination. Coordinating such a big project presented some issues, but we all worked hard to work through and find solutions to ensure the event was successful (and fun!) for the members of both SHC and AMSA who came out to help. Overall, I feel a sense of accomplishment for successfully helping out with the event as well as the community in and around our campus.

What does this project mean to you and what did you enjoy the most?

This project and the donations made a difference in both the campus community as well as the community outside of campus, and that means a lot to me. Being able to help make a difference in the overall community is something I work hard to be able to do, and this project allowed me to do that in a fun way. I enjoyed making the scarves and dog toys the most. Seeing everyone in the room working hard, helping other people next to them, and having fun made the overall experience very rewarding.

Anusha Kayastha

What is your name? Anusha Kayastha

What is your major? Neuroscience

What was it like working on this project?

It was a really enjoyable process working on this project. It was amazing that I had the opportunity to collaborate with my fellow peers and other organizations like the American Medical Student Association, because we all got to come together and carry out a meaningful project that would have an impact. I also really enjoyed getting to know more people who had a similar passion like in serving the community. The day of actually making the scarfs and dog toys was also a wonderful experience.


What did you take away or learn from being a part of this project?

Something I have learned from being a part of this project is that there are so many innovative ways to upcycle items and create other items that can be beneficial for others. I had no idea that making a scarf and dog toys out of t-shirts was even possible, but this project has shown me the importance of being able to promote sustainability by using everyday items.

What does this project mean to you and what did you enjoy the most?

This project holds significance to me, because I had the opportunity to help homeless shelters by providing them with items like scarfs that can be utilized for warmth. Knowing that I will have some degree of impact on another person’s life is comforting, because being involved in volunteer services is something I am passionate about and will continue to pursue. The element that I most enjoyed about this project is that day that all the volunteers and I gathered together to make the scarfs and dog toys. It was nice to see everyone come together and immerse themselves into an event that would focus on helping others.