Our Most Valuable Resource: You

We want you to know that the Office of Campus Sustainability will meet you wherever you are in your sustainable journey.

Whether you reinforce your own commitment to sustainable practices by recycling, biking to classes, or turning off personal devices when not in use – or you join a group, attend an event, take a class, or participate in cutting-edge research, we believe that every effort you make contributes to the “greener good.”

We encourage you to utilize your specific skills, passion and expertise to help us meet our shared goals. If you have any questions, need information, or wish to share your story about a sustainability-related project you are involved with, please reach out to us at: sustain@gatech.edu

Groups, organizations and ways to engage

There are numerous student organizations at Georgia Tech focused on sustainability. These groups actively work toward goals within all levels of sustainable practices. Group efforts on campus range from raising awareness and organizing events, to applying science, technology, engineering, and policy to meet grand challenges, locally and abroad.

Sustainability is fundamental to all groups here at Georgia Tech and can be seen at all tiers of the Institution – from the Student Government Association Sustainability Committee to student-founded initiatives like Engineers for a Sustainable World and Students Organizing for Sustainability. More information on all sustainability groups can be found in the links below.

Student Government Association Sustainability Committee


Celebrating success

Periodically, we will recognize those individuals, programs and initiatives that have achieved exceptional results in sustainability. We welcome your input here. Please let us know about any person, group, or project that you believe deserves special recognition. Contact us at: link


We do not believe that one person should define a strategic, sustainable vision for an Institute as diverse and encompassing as Georgia Tech. We therefore encourage stakeholder engagement and advocacy of our sustainability goals for successful and cohesive outcomes.

We will work to formalize the governance structure under which participants executing our collective vision have credibility and accountability, and a format for continual feedback. The Office of Campus Sustainability will develop the appropriate levels of governance, facilitate the efforts of these groups and act as liaison between A&F and the sustainability governance structure.