Work Green Champions – Carbon Neutral Energy Solutions Laboratory

We connected with Marcela Moreno, the Green Champion in the Carbon Neutral Energy Solutions Laboratory in the Strategic Energy Institute. They used their Work Green grant to fund a raised bed garden in their parking lot and to create a composting system. Raised bed gardening, or container gardening, is an urban style of gardening that continues to rise in popularity. This way of gardening allows for gardening in small areas that may or may not even have a patch of land to garden.

Sustainably Flourishing Series: An Introduction to Permaculture

Consider the yellow jacket (the actual insect, not our mascot). What purpose does this pest have in our ecosystem (other than to viciously attack when disturbed)? Yellow jackets serve an important purpose by helping to control the pest population. The importance of every living creature, no matter how small, is at the heart of permaculture—the development of agricultural ecosystems that are intended to be sustainable and self-sufficient.

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