Work Green Champions – Georgia Tech Strategic Consulting

Our next Work Green Champion is Georgia Tech Strategic Consulting (GTSC). GTSC is an internal team that is focused on advancing organization excellence across the Institute. We met with half of the GTSC Work Green team, Andrew Billings and Juana Cunningham, to hear about their Work Green project. GTSC Work Green team members Kara Tillman and Byron Fitch were unable to join us for the interview. The GTSC Work Green project, titled “office-ponics,”—involved the installation and maintenance of indoor plants with the goal of improving indoor air quality.

Work Green Champions – Wendy Welker and Lynne Bentley

Facilities is one of the largest departments at Georgia Tech, with 570 employees. They have achieved national acclaim through their innovative green cleaning solutions that lessens their environmental impact. Knowing that this is a huge department that is already on the cutting edge of green methods, we were excited to support their Work Green Mini-Grant project.

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