SDG Week Mobile Film Festival

SDG Mobile Film Festival

Smart phones and devices have forever changed the way we create, view, and share content. Through social media and network sharing platforms, small device footage has been used to bring awareness to humanitarian crises and rally worldwide support for relief assistance and positive change.

The Georgia Tech Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Mobile Film Festival will showcase amazing work being done across our campus and in our communities to improve health and education, reduce inequality, spark economic growth, tackle climate change, and protect our natural habitats. Each video submission should be on a topic that incorporates one or more of the 17 SDGs and follow a problem solution format. Submissions are open to all GT students, faculty, and staff.

The SDG Mobile Film Festival will host a screening event tentatively scheduled for March 6th, 5:00 – 7:30 PM. 

Festival Rules

  1.  All Georgia Tech students, faculty, and staff are eligible to participate.
  2.  Videos must be filmed with a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.
  3.  Video must relate to one or more of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  4.  Footage from other camera devices (drones or action cameras) are allowed but cannot exceed a maximum of 10% of the total length of the film.
  5.  Total video must not exceed 15 minutes. The video can be any length under 15 minutes.
  6.  Video must be uploaded to YouTube as an .MOV or .MP4 file, and must have a 1080p video resolution or higher.
  7.  Videos can be a documentary, animation, or any format of the participant’s choosing.
  8.  All film festival submissions must be entered between January 9 and February 25.
  9.  All festival entries must be uploaded to YouTube and submitted through the online SDG Mobile Film Festival Application form.
  10.  Informative films must report accurate information supported by credible research sources such as: The United Nations, government entities, research think tanks, and academic libraries or databases. A list of cited sources is encouraged but not mandatory.
  11.  Participants can enter multiple films.
  12.  External elements such as microphones, lights, camera dollies, and software for video editing and imagery treatments are allowed.
  13.  All people or private spaces that appear in the short films must do so with their consent.
  14.  Submission must be owned by the author or authors.
  15.  All non-English films must be subtitled in English.
  16.  No Copyrighted images or music are allowed.
  17.  Public Choice Award voting will begin on February 27 and close March 4.
  18.  Nominees will be notified no later than March 5.
  19.  The top-rated films will be screened at the SDG film festival on March 6.

Submitting Films

  1.  All submitted films will be screened for inappropriate or discriminatory content prior to being added to the voting pool. Organizers reserve the right to not post any content deemed inappropriate or discriminatory.
  2.  All video entries must be uploaded to YouTube before completing your film festival application. You will provide a link to your video in your application.
  3.  Submitted videos will be embedded into the Georgia Tech SDG Week Mobile Film Festival Webpage. Participants are encouraged to promote the webpage to encourage public voting for the People’s Choice Award.
  4.  Video Submission may be downloaded from YouTube by the Office of Sustainability and used for educational or promotional purposes.

Award Categories and Judging Criteria

Scored by public votes

  • People’s Choice Award – Video with most public votes.

Scored by Film Festival Judges Panel

  • Most Informative Film Award – The films’ ability to disseminate information or promote services which serve the public interest.
  • Call to Action Award – The films ability to highlight community impact, programs or actions that advance the protection of people and/or the planet.
  • Best Visual Style Award – The director’s use of visual elements for storytelling.