Sustainability Showcase Student Lightning Talks





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Trisha Sisk: 

Event Location

Atlantic Theater, John Lewis Student Center, 351 Ferst Dr NW

Sustainability Showcase Student Lightning Talks

Presenters/Presentations include:

Eric Greenlee— Community-Driven Sensing for Manoomin (Wild Rice) Conservation

Perrin Brady— The Connection Between Redlining and Air Quality in Atlanta

Noemi Carrillo— Building for Equity and Sustainable: WAWA Outdoor Classroom

Josh Ayers— Electricity Access, Service Quality, And Energy Resilience in Condado, Puerto Rico

Yujia Xu— Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Planning in Hyperconnected Hub Networks

Prashant Limaye— Funding and Financing Sustainable Transportation Infrastructure

Jingze Li— Hyperconnected Vehicle Delivery: Advancing A Multi-Modal Relay Ecosystem Across The US

Minjae Kim— Compound Flood Analysis for Coastal Urban Areas

Jun Wang— Retrofitting Urban Design Strategies for U.S. Suburbs with Shared Autonomous Vehicles

Rohan Datta— Electrifygt: Students Spark Change

Lakshya Sharma— RCE Greater Atlanta – Student Leadership in Sustainability

Diego Shipmon— How Students Organizing for Sustainability Addresses the UN SDGs

Miguel Granier— Green Bank of Georgia: Could A Green Bank Accelerate Drawdown Georgia’s Goal Of 57% GHG Reduction By 2030

Skylar Lama— Multitool Coral Reef Monitoring Through Modeling, Acoustics, And Machine Learning

Allannah Duffy— From Waste to Resource: Putting Heat to Work, Cool, Clean, Conserve, And Preserve

Anubha Mahajan— Surrogate Models for Urban Regeneration