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Sustainability Next: Georgia Tech’s Sustainability Plan

“Taking its cues from our strategic plan, Sustainability Next provides our community with a blueprint for an Institute that teaches and embodies sustainability in everything we do. Connecting Georgia Tech’s education, research, and operations, Sustainability Next represents a comprehensive collaboration among units and leaders across campus to address and advance the full range of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.”  

– President Ángel Cabrera

“We invite every member and unit of the Georgia Tech community to join in bringing the Sustainability Next Plan to life and expanding its ambitions over time so that we can build a just, equitable, and sustainable future — together.”

– Sustainability Next Co-Chairs

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News from Sustainability Next


 Climate Action Plan Storymap

Climate Action Plan Released

Georgia Tech commits to reaching net-zero emissions by 2050

The Climate Action Plan (CAP) is Georgia Tech’s first comprehensive plan for reducing the Institute’s emissions. The plan was developed in collaboration with members of the Georgia Tech community. It provides mitigation (reducing carbon emissions) and adaptation (adjusting to anticipated changes in temperature, rainfall, drought, and beyond) strategies across six focus areas. In addition, it includes innovative strategies for advancing climate education and research. Community-based, equitable, and cost-effective solutions are integrated throughout the plan.

How To Get Involved

Implementing the Climate Action Plan requires a whole-community approach. The Office of Sustainability will coordinate implementation, but every department and individual on campus can help Georgia Tech meet our climate goals. Sign up below if you are interested in getting involved.

Featured Sustainability Next Projects

Climate Action Plan
Sustainability Education Innovation Grants

Georgia Tech’s Institute Strategic Plan (ISP) includes equipping students with the ability to connect globally and amplify impact by contributing “to global collaborative efforts that advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through our education, research, and service.” In response, Sustainability Next developed a plan  to expand SDG concept and skill integration across the undergraduate curriculum. In support of the aim to extend sustainability and SDG learning into the experience of significantly more students, we invite instructors and course designers to apply for innovation grants up to $10,000.

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Research Seed Grants

Georgia Tech’s Sustainability Next Institute Strategic Plan initiative launched an annual seed grant program totaling $250,000 to support interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary climate and sustainability research. The overarching goals of the initiative are to nurture promising areas for future large-scale collaborative sustainability research, research translation, and/or high-impact outreach; to provide mid-career faculty with leadership and community building opportunities; and to broaden and strengthen the Georgia Tech sustainability community as a whole.

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Sustain-X (Previously Sustainable - X)

Sustain-X supports participants interested in and passionate about creating start ups with environmental and social impact.

The program is hosted by Georgia Tech but serves the state of Georgia and is open to Students, Staff, Faculty, Alum and Community members.

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Living Campus

With more than 400 acres, 15,000 trees, 230 buildings, and 30,000 visitors daily, Infrastructure & Sustainability welcomes creative partnerships with our campus colleagues. We are eager for the Georgia Tech community to engage with us in data research, pilot projects, research grants, capstone projects, and more.

By merging academics and research with campus spaces, we have a unique opportunity to form partnerships and provide real-world educational experiences. Leveraging our environment as a living campus is an integral component of the strategic plans, goals, and initiatives that guide the direction of the Institute.

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Student Organizations

Georgia Tech is proud of our students’ long history of active engagement in sustainability. Group efforts range from raising awareness and organizing accessible events, to the application of science, technology, engineering, and policy to service opportunities and grand challenges locally and abroad.

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Undergraduate Sustainability Education Committee

The Undergraduate Sustainability Education Committee is comprised of  school representatives and is charged with developing a comprehensive sustainability curriculum and implementation strategy, including cross- and discipline-appropriate approaches in close collaboration with the respective units. The USEC directs the allocation of Institute Strategic Plan (ISP) funds to support curriculum development and to document and share sustainability and SDG education successes. This work is carried out in alignment with other ISP initiatives such as Transformative Teaching and Learning.  

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Transformative Teaching with the SDGs: Opportunities & Resources for Faculty

The Undergraduate Sustainability Education Committee, the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), and the Center for Sustainable Communities Research and Education (SCoRE) support Georgia Tech faculty interested in bringing sustainability and SDG teaching into their courses. Opportunities include Communities of Practice, workshops, and online resources designed to help instructors get started.  

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Archived Presentations- Video Recordings Coming Soon

SDG Action & Awareness Week

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