Sustainability Showcase Lightning Talks: Day 1





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Trisha Sisk: 

Event Location

Atlantic Theater, John Lewis Student Center, 351 Ferst Dr NW

Sustainability Showcase Lightning Talks: Day 1

March 6 Talks Include:

Julian James-Burke and Valerie Thomas— The South Got Something to Say

Neslihan Ozlu— How Social and Environmental Initiatives Behind the Scenes Shape Buying Behavior: Evidence from A Field Experiment

Arthi Rao— An Integrated Approach to Creating Healthy Communities

Caleb Bugg— Implementing Federal Food Service Guidelines in The United States Could Improve Human and Planetary Health

Garry Harris— Energy For ALL

Danielle Ismirle Dunigan— Tech Dining Connecting the Dots of Diversion

Abby Bower— Georgia Tech Climate Action Plan Implementation

Allen Hyde— Youth Advocacy for Resilience to Disasters

Gulsah Akar— School of City & Regional Planning – Developing Global Leaders in Sustainable, Resilient and Just Places!

Maribeth Coleman— Inclusive Sustainability: A Research Roadmap for Climate Justice and People with Disabilities

Dylan Brewer— Monitoring Air Pollution in Underserved South Atlanta (MAP-USA)

Shatakshee Dhongde— End Poverty in All Its Forms Everywhere

Yuhang Wang— Fire, Climate, And Air Quality

Lyuba Novi— Supporting Coral Reefs Sustainability and Biodiversity Through Complex Networks Science

Greg Spiro— Electrification of Campus Heating Systems

Iris Tien— Prioritizing Green and Grey Infrastructure Solutions to Support Equity, Sustainability, and Resilience in Coastal Communities

Sourabh Saha— Additive Manufacturing for Economically Viable Nuclear Fusion Energy

Patrick Kastner— TBD, Will Be Related To “Sustainable Cities and Infrastructure (SDGs 9, 11) ”

Dan Nemec— Tech Square Phase 3 – Sustainable Strategies

Tamsin Leavy— GT Community Garden and It’s Benefits

Julene Tong— Circular Chemicals and Functional Biomaterials from Renewable Resources

Ashutosh Dhekne— Tiny Data: Doing More with Less

Christos Athanasiou— Aligning Advanced Construction Techniques with UN Sdgs

Malte Weiland— Innovative Strategies to Boost the Circular Economy

Ilan Stern— All-Solid-State Batteries: Fabrication of High-Performance Cells and Parametric Modeling for Manufacturing and Recycling

Patritsia Stathatou— A Sustainable, Circular Solution for Removing Trace Lead from Drinking Water